Twisted Lullaby

My fear is a broken violin 

Playing those dismal chords 

Whispering its cries while the walls ache

As I come undone 

Where did they go?

Offerings were given to every empty chair 

There my statue laid bare 

As the dust piled up 

And the leaves gathered around. 

Alone and cold 

No one heard my call 

For I had already given them my all. 

Curtains closing 

The sky turned black and filled with ashes.

My twisted lullaby cracked the world 

Singing goodbye.

The Puppet Master

I forsake the life I had 
For there were moments of happiness
But under it all was un-dealt with pain.
Manipulation under his breath
He controlled my decisions 
Whilst whispering of his intent.
Blinded by hesitation and routine
Dancing to the pipers tune 
My life succumbed to cruelty.
Wires pulled my submissive body 
He steered my solo into my grave.

Guilty Games

Knowing from the beginning 

It’d hurt so deep 

Yet I paced onto this dangerous path. 

Seems no matter which turn 

I’d lose the game

With the guilt and shame. 

A vision played in the fire 

Promising a mutual understanding. 

Yet we threw our dice onto the roulette

We risked our fate. 

Now looking eye to eye 

With damnation 

We must face what the cards prayed 

Before our time even began.


Time froze

My hell began

Only for it to be my end.

Your words stopped

Yet mine flowed

Only for it to be condoned.

The silence of your words

Began when you no longer found the time

Though it appears

I am put to the side.

I ask for little in return

Since in this life you will not deter.

Say nothing

Instead, don’t make me feel alone.




Dimmed Stars

As of late, the stars in my sky have dimmed..

The will to remain strong has slowly dissipated

Into nonexistent.

There has only been darkness in my heart

Since everyone broke me apart.

So much has been given

And so little has been received.

Exhausted from the pull of others

Torn from every excuse

Withered away into the wind is my trust in all

Who remain.

No one sees the pain I endure

For I lock it all away..

Never will I tell a soul

Because in the end, they will take it all away.

Closing in

Trapped inside a box

The walls begin to whisper of past words

Even the same chords from long ago

Have begun to wrap themselves around my bones.

Every penny and every dime

That was once mine

Have now dissolved into your own.

Repeated patterns from years ago

Have finally begun to show.

Back into the same drowning waters

I once escaped.

Suffocating within my mind

my chest begins to cave

As the tears fall down my face.

Desperately trying to hold on to the ledge

Of my sanity.

Slipping from reality

As the knot in my throat grows with every second

It’d be easier if I just let it go

Looking Back

The time and date is different

From whence it all began.
Our love has lasted
Through love and pain.
Almost a year of learning who we are
Whilst we are so far apart.
The promises you made were surrendered and accepted
Once the truth came to light.
Your words and actions have shown me enough
To know that the loss of not calling you my own
is all the worth when it is I who you love.
Bared it all, once again
Call me a fool for letting you in
At least you know where I stand.
My heart is yours, as I’ve said it
Again and again.
I look forward to the memories and time
We spend.

Solemnly Swear

Simple conversations open deep wounds

Once locked away.

I solemnly swear i am the killer of my own happiness.

Why wear so many masks to hide the inevitable

I solemnly swear I know what I must do.

Hurting those would be the death of me

Again, the selfless fool.

Who was I but a tool

Playing a role in your book

Another chapter, another life.

I solemnly swear I am anything but sure.