Almost 25 

I don’t know how others feel because I surround myself with very few people whom I never fully surrender my inner thoughts to.

Instead, I seek to spill my sorrows in words. It’s therapeutical and yet soothing to finally let go what is on my mind.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Once a dreamer, always a thinker & forever an emotional person. I seen things no one at a young age should see..I’ve felt betrayal at its fullest when I gave in and let the pain set in. I’ve screamed at the top of my lungs out of frustration and somehow no matter how much time flies I can’t shake the feeling there are missing pieces in my heart.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better at hiding and subsiding my pain. I also know that once a door is opened it’s hard to close it when the very hinges that hold it together could burts into millions of pieces, disabling it from being fixed.

We are too focused to live to pay for the very things we want but do we truly understand that maybe after we get what we want it might not make us happier in the end. 

I dreamt of already having a college degree and a house, but life throws you in a path to determine if you’d come out sane and motivated enough to make the best out of it.

I’ve decided I may not have what I would’ve liked to have by this age but it only makes me dream more and be more motivated than ever to accomplish my goals. It’s a new year to forget what we’ve gone through because the past is no longer something to judge but a timeline to reflect upon so further pain and hurt and disappointments can be learned from as a lesson.

Cheers to those who know what I speak!

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