Where is the line between Like/love?

A question asked by those who wonder if a line must be drawn to show the variations. This is my unfiltered version.

To like or to begin to like someone:

When you meet someone who you find to have the same interests and the same common ground, you begin to feel the pull to get to know them. So you do. You begin to find yourself thinking about the person every other day and you wonder if they’re thinking about you. You like what you see, you like what you hear and you like the person you begin to uncover that you never knew existed. Everything is a unturned stone you wish to knock over and find what’s under. You care about their well being, mentally and physically. This where things get tricky..to like someone is only the beginning of a deeper connection.

To Love or to begin to love:

Love can be limitless.. It is a touch, a sense of wonderment, a sense of adventure, it is a connection that you share with that person.. it can be beautiful like life itself. A day never comes by that you don’t think of the person. Your inner walls begin to crumble and you begin to let them in to see the flawed you. Layers unfold one by one and you begin to do or say things you’ve never imagined to do or say. You find the better parts of you that you thought you’ve forgotten and lost. You begin to question everything because you’ve never felt this pure emotion.. it is unexpected, it is unplanned and you have no idea what to do.

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