It’s been ages old friend… yet after all this time, we meet again. I knew you were back when I stopped eating and decided drinking every night. When I couldn’t stop crying and when I couldn’t feel anything but numbness. Maybe I’m over exaggerating to some but this is what happens to me when You come around. Just a few days ago, I glowed with happiness then reality snatched it away. I’ve stopped doing anything even going to the gym because I feel as if my heart has broken in a million pieces.

Drained from everything and everyone, all I want to do is sleep. Let time go by without noticing so when my eyes finally open, I can be happy again. You take my motivation and leave me vulnerable, as if I don’t have dreams or goals. You take my energy leaving nothing but a silent me.

I don’t sleep very well because you always nag about the things or people haunting me. We had an agreement to lock those emotions away, I guess he was the key to happiness and you stole it from me… leaving me with nothing but my grief.


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