A Lovers Moment

“Why so defensive?” He whispered, his damaged heart could be seen through his eyes. A genuine question.

-a moment of silence between the two-

“Everything comes with a price” she sternly states, the fire of her scars burned every syllable in her words.

Without another word spoken, he knew what to do. As he walked towards this woman he’s never seen been, a flicker of invitation in her body language encouraged his strides. In his heart he knew this was but another shade of the beautiful goddess he loves.

The coldness of her demeanor discolored with what one could say, love.

“We are entangled in each other’s soul, I cannot keep the doors closed to my Valhalla” , she whispered in a hushed voice.

This beautiful man who only knew empathy, love and comfort ; he took her in his arms and gave her what she desperately needed, assurance and love.

The night grew and so did her heart as she began to let this beautiful soul into her heart, only closer to a heaven they could share.

****words cannot explain, therefore, a story must be written to explain ones emotions.. ***

Para ti, mi querido.

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