You’re the Shield, I am the Sword

As these months have passed

Never could I have imagined or fathomed

That you would be the one

I’d give my everything to.

You know my thoughts

Even if these days we have only fought

You cared to listen to my fears

And yet you’ve made it clear

That your love for me is endless

Without convictions.

If you could only see what my eyes say

When I think of you

You will then know

My love for you has only grown.

Despite our differences and despite your conditions

I sense there are secrets in your words

That you have yet told.

The pain of your unknown identity and past loss

Have seem to be in your thoughts.

Know, I will always lend my hand

To carry you to places only we can understand.

You’ve been my shield

Let me be the sword

To kill all your demons

So then together we can grow.

Fate brought us together for a reason

We don’t know.

However, it feels as if we must teach each other

That not everything or everyone is cold.

To walk this emotional journey

Hand in hand

we can soon heal together

And never fail again.

I will always love you

Despite your flaws and the pain you bring

And I will always be here for you

Even when it ends..

Know, I do not give up on love

Because if I did, I’d let you go.

If time is required

Then I’ll be squire

But you will be mine

One day, somehow

Because it is you who I have chosen.

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