At the end, i spared myself

To the spear, pointed at my heart.

The time being, your every move will be

Second guessed.

The tides changed as we drove

Our way home.

You now know where I stand

Pointed in the direction

My compass aimed.

Come along or wither away

For this night is long overdue

In a way.

My love for you will never go away

But now my loyalty must remain

Within myself

So if the day ever arrives, I must walk away.

My Tears

These tears have not stopped pouring

My heart has been slowly decaying

For too many years

He never once glanced within my eyes

To capture the loneliness he slowly crept inside my soul.

Now I must say goodbye to my one only


Even if it’s for the best to realize our truths

My heart yearns for you..

Weak and vulnerable

I am more alone now than ever before..

Self reflection 

I accept myself is all you need to say

Despite your flaws and despite the dents 

Of those who hurt you. 

I am strong 

I am coated with impenetrable armour 

Because I chose to be this warrior. 

I can soak in the pain

And never once let you see this Mountain 

Of self reflection I have upon myself. 

You do not know me 

I know you 

I know the fears that lay within the depth 

Of your tears. 

Those lonely nights

You stay up crying 

Because you can’t understand why. 

I’ll tell you why

You’re more than this

Fear not because things happen

So you can be the person 

You were always meant to be…