Living in Fear

I’ve shared too much of my heart

I know now there is no going back.

Never will I be the same

Once you’ve broken these chains.

Whispers are telling me you don’t want this anymore

Are my emotions spiraling out of control?

You’re afraid to make it a day

But yet you’ve done it all before.

What’s shifted or is it that I’m not wanted anymore?

I’ve noticed even the poems have stopped

I suppose the spark has fallen apart..

I’ve shared too much to take it back

Although at times I wish I could.

Which is it? 

Upon the days to come 

I fear for what may seem like an eternity

Knowing things will never be. 

Hear the rain 

As it drips down my face

I know you’ll listen 

With a closed ear 

So you won’t get near 

Since you are no longer here. 

I should be happy 

Instead of sad 

Because you might be the one 

That I could not have. 

Is it the thought or the feeling that makes it this way? 

Or is it just simply a misconception

My mind steered away…