The Betrayal

I raised you up to the highest peak

Picked you up from the lowest depth

Yet none of it mattered.

The cards mentioned an intangible event

Never did I think it’d be our bond

Set up to die.

Your past behavior should’ve been the sign

For it was clear, our friendship

was all but mine.

Living in Fear

I’ve shared too much of my heart

I know now there is no going back.

Never will I be the same

Once you’ve broken these chains.

Whispers are telling me you don’t want this anymore

Are my emotions spiraling out of control?

You’re afraid to make it a day

But yet you’ve done it all before.

What’s shifted or is it that I’m not wanted anymore?

I’ve noticed even the poems have stopped

I suppose the spark has fallen apart..

I’ve shared too much to take it back

Although at times I wish I could.


The fire she hearth for herself

Has diminished with simple words.

Her inner ambition

Shot to the ground by change.

Unknowingly, it was a blessing in disguise.

Vulnerability is all she felt in that moment

Of self doubt.

Everyone tells her what she needs but none cared

To truly see that this killed her every hope.

The lions pride must wither away so the journey could present itself in more than one way.

Now she must reflect on what’s to come and the suffering she must endure to make it through a day..

For now, all she can do is cry and self blame

Because only I know that I’m already drained…

Is what you say true?…

To be resolute is to be unshakeable

If this is true, why are the walls by my feet

Empty handed and alone

My heart is mine to own

Yet you were the thief of such a feat

How can this be

If what we have is suppose to be temporary

There’s no different ending

Let’s not kid ourselves

You and I will never be meant to be

Because we are too afraid to perform such an act

Unless what you say is true

Then darling I’ll wait for you….

To be Forgotten

Fear gripping my soul

Due to the unknown

I sense a change

I have yet to prepare for

His lips upon mine

Were ever so perfectly united

The very thought of losing you

Shuts my emotions in a box

Forever to be locked

For the day you declare the end is nigh

How can I be forever here

When you’re never near

Our time is precious

Ever so little

Patience wearing thin

But ever so selfless

See me, see you

What should I do

If not be with you

Which is it? 

Upon the days to come 

I fear for what may seem like an eternity

Knowing things will never be. 

Hear the rain 

As it drips down my face

I know you’ll listen 

With a closed ear 

So you won’t get near 

Since you are no longer here. 

I should be happy 

Instead of sad 

Because you might be the one 

That I could not have. 

Is it the thought or the feeling that makes it this way? 

Or is it just simply a misconception

My mind steered away… 

The Eyes of the Lonely..

I walked the forgotten path

I once took hath I not been swayed

By the sweet tune of the hushed voices


I swam in the lost river

Of those who drowned in their failure.


I sought comfort in its warmth

Knowing one day the time will come

Where I will once again

Greet the lost and the lonely


For I’ll always be one.