Dimmed Stars

As of late, the stars in my sky have dimmed..

The will to remain strong has slowly dissipated

Into nonexistent.

There has only been darkness in my heart

Since everyone broke me apart.

So much has been given

And so little has been received.

Exhausted from the pull of others

Torn from every excuse

Withered away into the wind is my trust in all

Who remain.

No one sees the pain I endure

For I lock it all away..

Never will I tell a soul

Because in the end, they will take it all away.

12 Years …Gone.

Locked away in the bathroom

Avoiding everything but the sorrow.

Who knew she could take away the only solitude of trust I had

Who knew her collected tone could pierce my heart

The one I could confide to and never be judged

My truest friend…

Oh how you broke my heart.

After everything I have forgiven you for

You turn your back…

Loneliness was always a friend

But now it seems it is my twin…

They all Failed

Her trauma wrote what her future

Would present.

Poems written out of desperation

For someone to save her.

Atlas, no one heard her cries

In the darkness or at sunrise.

Fearing the wind would whisper

Her secrets to a stranger

Maybe then she would find a savior.

Years grew over her soul

Like a house full of bones.

Her inner sadness trapped inside

To never once show its eyeless mask.

Old enough to understand

What she suffered was more common

Than having a friend.

Long ago, she was i

And I was she.

Now I have come to sense

They all failed me.

My Truth will be Heard

If I simply murdered my secrets

You’d be taking steps into the gates of hell

Since behind the many masks I wear

Is a darkness that will never tell.

An abyss formed long ago

When his hands and weight captured

My fragile innocence.

After years of bottling the loath

It is time to let it all go.

So young to believe

Her own family would conceive

Such a monster who only knew deceit.

Finally, a part of me has laid to rest

And forgiveness was the final test.

The Demon Within Us All

As the lies fall from the sky

While looking into his empty eyes.

Fire blazing from his hands

Only beneath his skin

Lies the broken man.

Corruption runs through his veins

As he consumes the river of shame

Because to him this is all a game.

Malicious in every way

Who can blame

Since he was born this way.

A lonely soul with no one to hold

Soon, he will meet his end

By a pure of heart

Whose tears will relinquish the demon hiding

Underneath all the sin.


I shared my story and my life

To only be used in your right.

I have only known pain and discomfort

Yet you brought hell to my doorstep.

Never knowing of what’s to come

Only your deceitfulness In one way more than one .

You’ve spoken your truth

As have I.

Just kill me as the others have done

You’re no different than one hundred and one.

Convinced I was to finally meet happiness

But I was wrong.

Instead, I’ve met my doom in more ways than one..

I wanted to end it all

This suffering and pain

But I have chosen to cry it out

To live another day.

Never expect anyone to meet you halfway

Because In the end there is always no one to help you through the pain.

Guilt Tripped

He guilts trip me for wanting my alone time

Yet if he really knew what was on my mind.

Sick and tired of all the lies

He did this to me.

Made me resent because of how he use to treat me.

Loyal through it all

Damaged by your hands.

I remember the one time you laid them on me

An image I can never forget.

Unintentional because of the withdrawals

How do you expect me to just forget?

We both Know

Cruel truths dwindle deep Into my soul

For I am aware of where this road leads

Despair grasping my heart

Because I am not what you need

The score has been settled

And we are in too deep..

For I am aware of where the scars will seep

Another piece left of me

On the ground by your feet

You can continue to wear the mask

To cover up your pain

For you are lonely , this you told me

As I tried to comfort you, knowing I have nothing to gain

But this isolated island of emotions

You helped create…

Day 1: Open Wounds

Another break in the glass

Fragmented by loss

My eyes steer away

So out of touch.

Either it be because of me

Or my thoughts

I cannot say.

I weep as the hours tick by

No one knows the true pain inside.

Another month will go by

And yet the wounds will never heal right.

All I want is to sit in the dark

While my world falls apart.

It had to be done

Or it would’ve never worked.

If it was meant to be

You will see

This had a purpose all along.