As the darkness begins to diminish

I see the hourglass of your figure

At the end of the tunnel.

Your ocean eyes

Full of mystical surprise

Lift me up into a Heaven I’ve never known.

You are a spirit that has seeked me in another life

A beautiful soul full of guilt and strife

For your secrets are mine to keep

Forever shall they lay within my coffin

On the day I die.

You are the definition of what man should be

So lucky she is to have you in her bed

To caress and hold

While I am cold..

your side is empty in my mind

While I live day by day

Filled with love and pride.

What I would give for you to be mine

On a day that may never arrive.

You would let me go

To someone you’d never know

But in my heart, I’d break

Knowing you’d never fight for the Love we have

Simply because you belong in another life..

A Lovers Moment

“Why so defensive?” He whispered, his damaged heart could be seen through his eyes. A genuine question.

-a moment of silence between the two-

“Everything comes with a price” she sternly states, the fire of her scars burned every syllable in her words.

Without another word spoken, he knew what to do. As he walked towards this woman he’s never seen been, a flicker of invitation in her body language encouraged his strides. In his heart he knew this was but another shade of the beautiful goddess he loves.

The coldness of her demeanor discolored with what one could say, love.

“We are entangled in each other’s soul, I cannot keep the doors closed to my Valhalla” , she whispered in a hushed voice.

This beautiful man who only knew empathy, love and comfort ; he took her in his arms and gave her what she desperately needed, assurance and love.

The night grew and so did her heart as she began to let this beautiful soul into her heart, only closer to a heaven they could share.

****words cannot explain, therefore, a story must be written to explain ones emotions.. ***

Para ti, mi querido.

Day 1: Open Wounds

Another break in the glass

Fragmented by loss

My eyes steer away

So out of touch.

Either it be because of me

Or my thoughts

I cannot say.

I weep as the hours tick by

No one knows the true pain inside.

Another month will go by

And yet the wounds will never heal right.

All I want is to sit in the dark

While my world falls apart.

It had to be done

Or it would’ve never worked.

If it was meant to be

You will see

This had a purpose all along.