Living in Fear

I’ve shared too much of my heart

I know now there is no going back.

Never will I be the same

Once you’ve broken these chains.

Whispers are telling me you don’t want this anymore

Are my emotions spiraling out of control?

You’re afraid to make it a day

But yet you’ve done it all before.

What’s shifted or is it that I’m not wanted anymore?

I’ve noticed even the poems have stopped

I suppose the spark has fallen apart..

I’ve shared too much to take it back

Although at times I wish I could.

Day 3: Bitterness

Contemplating if I should even care anymore

Every day, the battle becomes harder

At least for me it is.

I know nothing of your struggles

Which makes it all the true

I was simply just another pursuit.

All I do is doubt everything I know

And everything I’ve been told.

Growing bitter by the day

Believe me, when I say

This is the reason I refrained from letting you in

Because now it has been taken away.

My struggle must reap satisfaction to you

Knowing how someone could truly love

The person you are and will become.

Everyone senses the drastic change

I suppose it’s written on my face.

Though I tried to hide it

I guess I’ll just live with it day by day…

Digging my Own TombĀ 

As the minutes and hours go by 

Not a single word was spoken 

As I sit in silence

Trapped in my spiral mind.

As the traces of scars

Upon my flesh begin to show 

Tears escape the pool of my pain.

Cradling my bones 

In these chains 

Thinking I’ll never be free 

Only to see this cage 

Being buried In the ground 

By my fears.