Twisted Lullaby

My fear is a broken violin 

Playing those dismal chords 

Whispering its cries while the walls ache

As I come undone 

Where did they go?

Offerings were given to every empty chair 

There my statue laid bare 

As the dust piled up 

And the leaves gathered around. 

Alone and cold 

No one heard my call 

For I had already given them my all. 

Curtains closing 

The sky turned black and filled with ashes.

My twisted lullaby cracked the world 

Singing goodbye.

Guilty Games

Knowing from the beginning 

It’d hurt so deep 

Yet I paced onto this dangerous path. 

Seems no matter which turn 

I’d lose the game

With the guilt and shame. 

A vision played in the fire 

Promising a mutual understanding. 

Yet we threw our dice onto the roulette

We risked our fate. 

Now looking eye to eye 

With damnation 

We must face what the cards prayed 

Before our time even began.

Dimmed Stars

As of late, the stars in my sky have dimmed..

The will to remain strong has slowly dissipated

Into nonexistent.

There has only been darkness in my heart

Since everyone broke me apart.

So much has been given

And so little has been received.

Exhausted from the pull of others

Torn from every excuse

Withered away into the wind is my trust in all

Who remain.

No one sees the pain I endure

For I lock it all away..

Never will I tell a soul

Because in the end, they will take it all away.

Guilt Tripped

He guilts trip me for wanting my alone time

Yet if he really knew what was on my mind.

Sick and tired of all the lies

He did this to me.

Made me resent because of how he use to treat me.

Loyal through it all

Damaged by your hands.

I remember the one time you laid them on me

An image I can never forget.

Unintentional because of the withdrawals

How do you expect me to just forget?

Day 1: Open Wounds

Another break in the glass

Fragmented by loss

My eyes steer away

So out of touch.

Either it be because of me

Or my thoughts

I cannot say.

I weep as the hours tick by

No one knows the true pain inside.

Another month will go by

And yet the wounds will never heal right.

All I want is to sit in the dark

While my world falls apart.

It had to be done

Or it would’ve never worked.

If it was meant to be

You will see

This had a purpose all along.


Despair and sorrow grasp my neck

As I suffocate under the veil of an selfless act

When will the day arrive where I never once

Have to doubt.

Frustration and self hatred fuel the rage

Of my own mistakes.

The indention of my scars are digging deeper

Reminding me of an age of disappointments

Oh, the never ending broken promises.

Cold and abandonment

Have paved the way of my ever growing book of life.

The Eyes of the Lonely..

I walked the forgotten path

I once took hath I not been swayed

By the sweet tune of the hushed voices


I swam in the lost river

Of those who drowned in their failure.


I sought comfort in its warmth

Knowing one day the time will come

Where I will once again

Greet the lost and the lonely


For I’ll always be one.