Time froze

My hell began

Only for it to be my end.

Your words stopped

Yet mine flowed

Only for it to be condoned.

The silence of your words

Began when you no longer found the time

Though it appears

I am put to the side.

I ask for little in return

Since in this life you will not deter.

Say nothing

Instead, don’t make me feel alone.




Living in Fear

I’ve shared too much of my heart

I know now there is no going back.

Never will I be the same

Once you’ve broken these chains.

Whispers are telling me you don’t want this anymore

Are my emotions spiraling out of control?

You’re afraid to make it a day

But yet you’ve done it all before.

What’s shifted or is it that I’m not wanted anymore?

I’ve noticed even the poems have stopped

I suppose the spark has fallen apart..

I’ve shared too much to take it back

Although at times I wish I could.


As the darkness begins to diminish

I see the hourglass of your figure

At the end of the tunnel.

Your ocean eyes

Full of mystical surprise

Lift me up into a Heaven I’ve never known.

You are a spirit that has seeked me in another life

A beautiful soul full of guilt and strife

For your secrets are mine to keep

Forever shall they lay within my coffin

On the day I die.

You are the definition of what man should be

So lucky she is to have you in her bed

To caress and hold

While I am cold..

your side is empty in my mind

While I live day by day

Filled with love and pride.

What I would give for you to be mine

On a day that may never arrive.

You would let me go

To someone you’d never know

But in my heart, I’d break

Knowing you’d never fight for the Love we have

Simply because you belong in another life..

Fate Interfered

Though our stories are not combined

We will forever be by each other’s side

Even if it’s in our minds

For our Love is already entangled like a vine.

Who you are is what I deserve

As I am who you wish for.

Nor the ocean nor the moon

Can separate what fate has renewed.

You and I were made to be together

For the circumstances and events

Have aligned for us to be a part of each other’s lives

As it was written before our time.

Explore the Unknown

Gravity pulls us down

From those dark clouds.

Let us dwell Into the unknown

And never once resist

In fear of letting the other go

Because we both genuinely know

This is something just as close

As a prophecy being told.

Let love rule over you and I

With every moment we spend alive.

With the quill in our hands

We shall write of the lessons

We’ve learned

Because life has only just begun.

You’re the Shield, I am the Sword

As these months have passed

Never could I have imagined or fathomed

That you would be the one

I’d give my everything to.

You know my thoughts

Even if these days we have only fought

You cared to listen to my fears

And yet you’ve made it clear

That your love for me is endless

Without convictions.

If you could only see what my eyes say

When I think of you

You will then know

My love for you has only grown.

Despite our differences and despite your conditions

I sense there are secrets in your words

That you have yet told.

The pain of your unknown identity and past loss

Have seem to be in your thoughts.

Know, I will always lend my hand

To carry you to places only we can understand.

You’ve been my shield

Let me be the sword

To kill all your demons

So then together we can grow.

Fate brought us together for a reason

We don’t know.

However, it feels as if we must teach each other

That not everything or everyone is cold.

To walk this emotional journey

Hand in hand

we can soon heal together

And never fail again.

I will always love you

Despite your flaws and the pain you bring

And I will always be here for you

Even when it ends..

Know, I do not give up on love

Because if I did, I’d let you go.

If time is required

Then I’ll be squire

But you will be mine

One day, somehow

Because it is you who I have chosen.


Walking down the path of dying leaves

Such beautiful color

Such exhilarating earthly wonders.

My attention is caught on what it appears

To be your eyes in the night sky

With the bright stars..

With every step, your love is missed

Like a never ending fire within my soul.

These days have been difficult

For what’s to come cannot be told

Since we are the writers of how our stories unfold.


Wandering in the wilderness of my mind

Beautiful creatures hidden deep Inside.

A whisp Of knowledge sits on my shoulder

Telling me of the future to come.

My heart tightens for the road will be hard.

Even harder when I expect the journey to be

All on my own.

Little by little, they will both break my heart.

This I know because I’ve seen it all before.

Not a single dose or a word can inadvertently change what is set in stone.

Simply because it was never I, who either of you have chosen for me to be the one.

Although, you may object.

It’s not the words I search but the devotion I deserve.

A decision will be made but do not haste

For the matters of the heart are nonetheless

The strongest to accomplish.


My silence is not intended to cause you harm

The fear of letting go , grips my ribs

As I struggle to breathe in your words.

Such promise you whisper

Coming from those sweet lips.

Gave it all up once or even twice

To love and set my demons aside

And theirs became mine, only to be left scared.

See why I must be afraid?

Disappointment is all I’ve known.