Cross Lovers

Though no present, I feel you in my soul

Even in my dreams, you occupy my throne.

How our suffering led us

To the arms of someone

Who cannot be called our own.

Changing the course of our lives

When we were at a crossroads

We rose to the highest peak

Of understanding our truest selves.

Together but separated by time.

Here we are, living two worlds

Just to have a piece of the love

We always sought to have.

Fate Interfered

Though our stories are not combined

We will forever be by each other’s side

Even if it’s in our minds

For our Love is already entangled like a vine.

Who you are is what I deserve

As I am who you wish for.

Nor the ocean nor the moon

Can separate what fate has renewed.

You and I were made to be together

For the circumstances and events

Have aligned for us to be a part of each other’s lives

As it was written before our time.

Explore the Unknown

Gravity pulls us down

From those dark clouds.

Let us dwell Into the unknown

And never once resist

In fear of letting the other go

Because we both genuinely know

This is something just as close

As a prophecy being told.

Let love rule over you and I

With every moment we spend alive.

With the quill in our hands

We shall write of the lessons

We’ve learned

Because life has only just begun.

The Claws of Truth

Hindering at the clock

I plead for it to stop

Doubt claws at my thoughts

Yet the fight began with my heart

They say, I should let you go

If it is meant to happen then you know

Follow your heart even if it means

Tearing it apart.

Learn from your mistakes

So you don’t regret anything ever again

If you love me, you will find a way

Until then, I will love you …

Yes, it hurts but you know I am here to stay

Despite what they all say

I will patiently wait..

Learning As We go

Upon the day, we first met

An instant connection was set

Over the years, we barely spoke

Due to our lives, fate awoke.

Such an innocent Interaction

Led to an undeniable attraction.

I dare say my emotions have grown

As with time, they will be shown.

Never a perfect timing for this love

A gift given from the gods up above.

We remain as we are, only to take it slow

For the time being, we will learn as we go.

Bare All Nudity

Enclosed by the warmth of my bed

All I can do is think of you instead

My body is bruised by your touch

All I can do is feel you on every inch

Time has decided to slow down

Now that you’ve confessed a timeline

It wasn’t how we anticipated

Nevertheless, it was what we had wished

All those emotion kept rushing in at once

Lying next to you, i hid my tears as best as I could

You weighed my heart and soul on the scales

To find I was every ounce

Of a woman you prayed to find on this journey called life

She found her love in another mans soul

One she knew, would be worthy to hold

A transparent veil between the two

Will no longer exist once our obstacles have been removed

Then, we will be free to Love anew

With each other in view