All Along

A fools game to think

These emotions would vanish

As quickly as the moon did.

Too little time

Too much on the line.

The last one will never be for fate has made it known

With his gavel the words were told.

But the first one had fallen through

When lost words were never said.

One day the second could be freed

But the question will never be answered.

In the end, it was she

who was needed instead.

They all Failed

Her trauma wrote what her future

Would present.

Poems written out of desperation

For someone to save her.

Atlas, no one heard her cries

In the darkness or at sunrise.

Fearing the wind would whisper

Her secrets to a stranger

Maybe then she would find a savior.

Years grew over her soul

Like a house full of bones.

Her inner sadness trapped inside

To never once show its eyeless mask.

Old enough to understand

What she suffered was more common

Than having a friend.

Long ago, she was i

And I was she.

Now I have come to sense

They all failed me.

My Truth will be Heard

If I simply murdered my secrets

You’d be taking steps into the gates of hell

Since behind the many masks I wear

Is a darkness that will never tell.

An abyss formed long ago

When his hands and weight captured

My fragile innocence.

After years of bottling the loath

It is time to let it all go.

So young to believe

Her own family would conceive

Such a monster who only knew deceit.

Finally, a part of me has laid to rest

And forgiveness was the final test.

A Lovers Moment

“Why so defensive?” He whispered, his damaged heart could be seen through his eyes. A genuine question.

-a moment of silence between the two-

“Everything comes with a price” she sternly states, the fire of her scars burned every syllable in her words.

Without another word spoken, he knew what to do. As he walked towards this woman he’s never seen been, a flicker of invitation in her body language encouraged his strides. In his heart he knew this was but another shade of the beautiful goddess he loves.

The coldness of her demeanor discolored with what one could say, love.

“We are entangled in each other’s soul, I cannot keep the doors closed to my Valhalla” , she whispered in a hushed voice.

This beautiful man who only knew empathy, love and comfort ; he took her in his arms and gave her what she desperately needed, assurance and love.

The night grew and so did her heart as she began to let this beautiful soul into her heart, only closer to a heaven they could share.

****words cannot explain, therefore, a story must be written to explain ones emotions.. ***

Para ti, mi querido.


Despair and sorrow grasp my neck

As I suffocate under the veil of an selfless act

When will the day arrive where I never once

Have to doubt.

Frustration and self hatred fuel the rage

Of my own mistakes.

The indention of my scars are digging deeper

Reminding me of an age of disappointments

Oh, the never ending broken promises.

Cold and abandonment

Have paved the way of my ever growing book of life.

By My Hands..

My past is my problem

Comparing those who damaged me the most

To all others who have tried to give me hope

It is I who is the culprit

To my own darkness.

By my hands, I suffer in agony

To always assume I will never be enough.

The seams of my being

Prove to be a challenge

It is I who is the executor

To my own dreams.

By my hands, I damn myself

To always assume I will be nothing but someone you knew.

There are things I wish I can say

To prove I am not always this way.

I must find peace

Or I will never be who I was meant to be..

Shattered, She Remains

There she was lying on the floor

Where you left her

After you threw her against the wall

Broken and shattered

Her mind all scattered

The torture you soon beseeched upon her

Remained as scars on her heart

Who will love such a soul

Or see her eyes in such a way

For all those before he have always strayed

Leaving her nothing

But pain in every grain

With you, only you…

It’s been a decade, dear friend.

With you, I can unfold my truths and my secrets.

To a time of routine

To a day of nothing but dreams.

I spare my guilt and my consciousness

I know you’ll never judge

The thoughts that run through my head.

The fears, the doubts, the future I see and the past I forgive.

With you, I can unwind with riddles of my life.

Only you, I trust without a doubt.

Unknown Crime

Everyday I feel a certain way

A feeling that I can’t escape 

No matter where I go

It follows me 

The past and the memories

Of all my mistakes

Made me who I was 

No matter how damned

I am today

However, the tears and scars

Preserve the pain I once felt 

At a certain age

The images play over and over

In my mind

Of some terrible crime

I know I must possess

The strength to carry on 

To live free of those threats

Someday I will be free of my own secrets…