All Along

A fools game to think

These emotions would vanish

As quickly as the moon did.

Too little time

Too much on the line.

The last one will never be for fate has made it known

With his gavel the words were told.

But the first one had fallen through

When lost words were never said.

One day the second could be freed

But the question will never be answered.

In the end, it was she

who was needed instead.


Wandering in the wilderness of my mind

Beautiful creatures hidden deep Inside.

A whisp Of knowledge sits on my shoulder

Telling me of the future to come.

My heart tightens for the road will be hard.

Even harder when I expect the journey to be

All on my own.

Little by little, they will both break my heart.

This I know because I’ve seen it all before.

Not a single dose or a word can inadvertently change what is set in stone.

Simply because it was never I, who either of you have chosen for me to be the one.

Although, you may object.

It’s not the words I search but the devotion I deserve.

A decision will be made but do not haste

For the matters of the heart are nonetheless

The strongest to accomplish.

Bare All Nudity

Enclosed by the warmth of my bed

All I can do is think of you instead

My body is bruised by your touch

All I can do is feel you on every inch

Time has decided to slow down

Now that you’ve confessed a timeline

It wasn’t how we anticipated

Nevertheless, it was what we had wished

All those emotion kept rushing in at once

Lying next to you, i hid my tears as best as I could

You weighed my heart and soul on the scales

To find I was every ounce

Of a woman you prayed to find on this journey called life

She found her love in another mans soul

One she knew, would be worthy to hold

A transparent veil between the two

Will no longer exist once our obstacles have been removed

Then, we will be free to Love anew

With each other in view