All Along

A fools game to think

These emotions would vanish

As quickly as the moon did.

Too little time

Too much on the line.

The last one will never be for fate has made it known

With his gavel the words were told.

But the first one had fallen through

When lost words were never said.

One day the second could be freed

But the question will never be answered.

In the end, it was she

who was needed instead.

Fate Interfered

Though our stories are not combined

We will forever be by each other’s side

Even if it’s in our minds

For our Love is already entangled like a vine.

Who you are is what I deserve

As I am who you wish for.

Nor the ocean nor the moon

Can separate what fate has renewed.

You and I were made to be together

For the circumstances and events

Have aligned for us to be a part of each other’s lives

As it was written before our time.

Explore the Unknown

Gravity pulls us down

From those dark clouds.

Let us dwell Into the unknown

And never once resist

In fear of letting the other go

Because we both genuinely know

This is something just as close

As a prophecy being told.

Let love rule over you and I

With every moment we spend alive.

With the quill in our hands

We shall write of the lessons

We’ve learned

Because life has only just begun.

A Lovers Moment

“Why so defensive?” He whispered, his damaged heart could be seen through his eyes. A genuine question.

-a moment of silence between the two-

“Everything comes with a price” she sternly states, the fire of her scars burned every syllable in her words.

Without another word spoken, he knew what to do. As he walked towards this woman he’s never seen been, a flicker of invitation in her body language encouraged his strides. In his heart he knew this was but another shade of the beautiful goddess he loves.

The coldness of her demeanor discolored with what one could say, love.

“We are entangled in each other’s soul, I cannot keep the doors closed to my Valhalla” , she whispered in a hushed voice.

This beautiful man who only knew empathy, love and comfort ; he took her in his arms and gave her what she desperately needed, assurance and love.

The night grew and so did her heart as she began to let this beautiful soul into her heart, only closer to a heaven they could share.

****words cannot explain, therefore, a story must be written to explain ones emotions.. ***

Para ti, mi querido.

By My Hands..

My past is my problem

Comparing those who damaged me the most

To all others who have tried to give me hope

It is I who is the culprit

To my own darkness.

By my hands, I suffer in agony

To always assume I will never be enough.

The seams of my being

Prove to be a challenge

It is I who is the executor

To my own dreams.

By my hands, I damn myself

To always assume I will be nothing but someone you knew.

There are things I wish I can say

To prove I am not always this way.

I must find peace

Or I will never be who I was meant to be..

The Key 

Don’t be fooled by the kindness I shower you with 

Don’t for once think I cannot be just as cold or heartless as the person who hurt you was. 

Go back to your fantasy

Where you believe we are all united by clarity and understanding 

Believe that I played your game to see if you’ll betray me 

I created a story for you to tell 

Again, don’t be fooled by my shoulder that you cry on 

Once betrayed, a whole other side of me you will discover. 

Can you see her? 

The Phoenix of Redemtion and Revenge

I shall be, once you unlock the bolted door 

With the key.