Living in Fear

I’ve shared too much of my heart

I know now there is no going back.

Never will I be the same

Once you’ve broken these chains.

Whispers are telling me you don’t want this anymore

Are my emotions spiraling out of control?

You’re afraid to make it a day

But yet you’ve done it all before.

What’s shifted or is it that I’m not wanted anymore?

I’ve noticed even the poems have stopped

I suppose the spark has fallen apart..

I’ve shared too much to take it back

Although at times I wish I could.


As the darkness begins to diminish

I see the hourglass of your figure

At the end of the tunnel.

Your ocean eyes

Full of mystical surprise

Lift me up into a Heaven I’ve never known.

You are a spirit that has seeked me in another life

A beautiful soul full of guilt and strife

For your secrets are mine to keep

Forever shall they lay within my coffin

On the day I die.

You are the definition of what man should be

So lucky she is to have you in her bed

To caress and hold

While I am cold..

your side is empty in my mind

While I live day by day

Filled with love and pride.

What I would give for you to be mine

On a day that may never arrive.

You would let me go

To someone you’d never know

But in my heart, I’d break

Knowing you’d never fight for the Love we have

Simply because you belong in another life..

Fate Interfered

Though our stories are not combined

We will forever be by each other’s side

Even if it’s in our minds

For our Love is already entangled like a vine.

Who you are is what I deserve

As I am who you wish for.

Nor the ocean nor the moon

Can separate what fate has renewed.

You and I were made to be together

For the circumstances and events

Have aligned for us to be a part of each other’s lives

As it was written before our time.

To be Forgotten

Fear gripping my soul

Due to the unknown

I sense a change

I have yet to prepare for

His lips upon mine

Were ever so perfectly united

The very thought of losing you

Shuts my emotions in a box

Forever to be locked

For the day you declare the end is nigh

How can I be forever here

When you’re never near

Our time is precious

Ever so little

Patience wearing thin

But ever so selfless

See me, see you

What should I do

If not be with you

Sometimes it’s Me 

A moment of realization 

Hit me like a tidal wave 

Or like the current of the ocean.

Waking me up from a fantasy 

I created where everyone has good intentions. 

Maybe I love too hard 

Or too soft 

Maybe I trust too easily 

Or maybe it’s the fact I can no longer 

See the truth within their eyes.

You have failed 

I have failed 

But sometimes it’s too much to bear

Knowing things will never be seen the same 

After walking through the sands of doubt 

That are still stuck to my skin 

Waiting for the day to be brushed off 

Into the wind.