At the end, i spared myself

To the spear, pointed at my heart.

The time being, your every move will be

Second guessed.

The tides changed as we drove

Our way home.

You now know where I stand

Pointed in the direction

My compass aimed.

Come along or wither away

For this night is long overdue

In a way.

My love for you will never go away

But now my loyalty must remain

Within myself

So if the day ever arrives, I must walk away.

They all Failed

Her trauma wrote what her future

Would present.

Poems written out of desperation

For someone to save her.

Atlas, no one heard her cries

In the darkness or at sunrise.

Fearing the wind would whisper

Her secrets to a stranger

Maybe then she would find a savior.

Years grew over her soul

Like a house full of bones.

Her inner sadness trapped inside

To never once show its eyeless mask.

Old enough to understand

What she suffered was more common

Than having a friend.

Long ago, she was i

And I was she.

Now I have come to sense

They all failed me.


As the darkness begins to diminish

I see the hourglass of your figure

At the end of the tunnel.

Your ocean eyes

Full of mystical surprise

Lift me up into a Heaven I’ve never known.

You are a spirit that has seeked me in another life

A beautiful soul full of guilt and strife

For your secrets are mine to keep

Forever shall they lay within my coffin

On the day I die.

You are the definition of what man should be

So lucky she is to have you in her bed

To caress and hold

While I am cold..

your side is empty in my mind

While I live day by day

Filled with love and pride.

What I would give for you to be mine

On a day that may never arrive.

You would let me go

To someone you’d never know

But in my heart, I’d break

Knowing you’d never fight for the Love we have

Simply because you belong in another life..

Day 1: Open Wounds

Another break in the glass

Fragmented by loss

My eyes steer away

So out of touch.

Either it be because of me

Or my thoughts

I cannot say.

I weep as the hours tick by

No one knows the true pain inside.

Another month will go by

And yet the wounds will never heal right.

All I want is to sit in the dark

While my world falls apart.

It had to be done

Or it would’ve never worked.

If it was meant to be

You will see

This had a purpose all along.

Lonely Days

Confident in what I speak

To be true is to be complete.

Given the time this has grown

There is already so much you have shown.

Your inner soul has seeped through the nails

She hammered in so long ago.

A tear you hid from me

Afraid to let me in

Due to what you’ve endured by her hands

Of verbal abuse..

taken for granted, we will never do

Simply because our love has been long overdue.

Don’t lose who you are in the process

Of discovering your truth

As a man who has been lost on his journey

Which was meant for two.

Alone, you will never feel

Like you did on that summer blue..

Those days are over for me and you..

To be Forgotten

Fear gripping my soul

Due to the unknown

I sense a change

I have yet to prepare for

His lips upon mine

Were ever so perfectly united

The very thought of losing you

Shuts my emotions in a box

Forever to be locked

For the day you declare the end is nigh

How can I be forever here

When you’re never near

Our time is precious

Ever so little

Patience wearing thin

But ever so selfless

See me, see you

What should I do

If not be with you

Which is it? 

Upon the days to come 

I fear for what may seem like an eternity

Knowing things will never be. 

Hear the rain 

As it drips down my face

I know you’ll listen 

With a closed ear 

So you won’t get near 

Since you are no longer here. 

I should be happy 

Instead of sad 

Because you might be the one 

That I could not have. 

Is it the thought or the feeling that makes it this way? 

Or is it just simply a misconception

My mind steered away…